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Mark is a treasure trove of voice talent! No matter what style, format or dialect, Mark can transform you and the audience to the just about anywhere. From an old Irish leprechaun to a Gnome to a British circus ring-master to Donald Duck! He is a brilliant creative mind that worked seamlessly with our directors while adding in his own unique style. Late night requests, last minute changes or even flying across country, nothing is too big or too small for Mark and S&B Studios.

Balance Studios

Tina Lutz,
Balance Studios

Benjamin Thompson is the chief architect of internet production for Walt Disney World Public Relations.

“Mark can perform any voice you request and takes direction well. He is very skilled in audio production and knowledgeable in principles of audio recording. He is a creative composer, musician and vocalist up to any challenge. For the Epcot Gardening Tips Podcast, he offered several variations for us to choose from and successfully inserted it into a tiny window of time that could not be changed."

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Walt Disney World

Benjamin Thompson,
Walt Disney World

Tim O’Day is president of O’Day & Associates, Inc., a Southern California based PR and events firm specializing in travel/tourism, entertainment and culture-based clients.

“Mark Wisehart is a wonder! Where do all those sounds, voices and characters come from? Not only is Mark a skilled and talented vocal artist with a unique sense of imagination, his impressive skill set is matched by boundless enthusiasm and a work ethic that is admirable.”

Tim O’Day,
O’Day & Associates, Inc

I found out that what all the others were saying about Mark is true – he can perform just about any voice or accent you throw at him. He’s incredibly talented! But the other thing I appreciate about him is his heart. He took a passion for our project, took direction well, and didn’t have the “prima donna” outlook that normally accompanies such talent. He humbly knocked himself out to do his best for us. And his humor and behavior was a great boost to the rest of our team! Mark will be a pleasure to have working on your project!

Pat Roy,
Jonathan Park Audio Adventures

“Mark Wisehart possesses an extraordinary command of the human voice. His ability to mimic regional dialects is flawless and contributed greatly to the success of our exhibit.”

- Michael E. Telzrow
Executive Director
National Railroad Museum

National Railroad Museum

Michael E. Telzrow,
National Railroad Museum

Mark, is one of those once in a life time gems. A man with unlimited talent and potential. Mark has delivered time and time again and in so many different formats. A typical request from Believe Animation is, Mark, I need a character to sound like William Shattner, we need an Irish dialect, a facial motion capture with voice, and he's African American, from the 1920s... For well over a year now, Mark and Scratch and Burn Studios have delivered high quality product on time, within budget and with excitement and consistent follow up. Mark is at the top of our list of Voice Over and script writing talents.

Darren Lutz,
Believe Animation

“The technical Quality was excellent and fit our needs exactly. We will certainly want to use Mark for our future Voiceover needs!”

Brian Paterson is a Senior Associate with, a worldwide not for profit organization that has orphanages in Romania and two transition homes for teenage girls in Muldova. The Ministry has it’s roots in Peterhead Scotland. They have hundreds of acres of woods and lakes on their beautiful campground in Ramer Alabama. Go to their website and find out more information about how you can help kids around the world. 


Brian Paterson,
Philip Cameron

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