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Growing Up...

I was born in the great state of Missouri, the son of Russell and Ruby Wisehart. I have three sisters, Ruth, Rebecca and Rachel. I also had a dog named Rebel and a bird named Rainbow so my family decided to call me... Re-Mark-a ble!

After setting a world record for watching 6 straight years of after school specials and Saturday morning cartoons, I began using the voices in my head to perform puppet shows. I took a discarded refrigerator box, painted it light blue and created the first stage on which my entertainment career would begin. I got two puppets for Christmas, a bear (Billybear) and a hippopotamus (Henriettahippo) and created voices for the characters to stir the imaginations of the children of the community where I lived in rural Indiana. All by the age of 12.

From there it was only natural for me to blossom into quite the Thespian. After winning first place in state radio speaking at 'Mizzou' (University of Missouri at Columbia) I went on to win the coveted 'National Choral Award' and Best Actor in my role as Albert Peterson in 'Bye Bye Birdie.' I also achieved National fine arts recognition in vocal and instrumental categories and eventually merged my entertainment experience with my Education Degree and "Edu-tainment" became my lifelong pursuit.

My 'career' in Voice Over Includes some of the biggest names in the business- The Walt Disney Company, The National Railroad Museum, Balance Studios, Believe Animation and many others. My 'experience' in Voice Over can be found on Radio, Television, Various forms of Web applications and yes, even video gaming. I was also heavily involved in the stand up comedy scene in California while honing my comedy writing skills with The San Francisco Comedy College. Nowadays I spend my time creating characters, developing scripts, consulting on commercials and animations, writing jingles/songs, and recording studio projects for air play.

My goal at Scratch and Burn Studios is to ignite and inspire your imagination with our down to earth, simple and creative solutions. After all, if we DO have to work hard, it may as well be fun!!

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