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Whether you’re in the market to add a character voice, record an audio book, a narrarator, or need an actor familiar with facial recognition software (body dots), SNB studios is the place for all your Voice-Over needs. You’ll find my rates very reasonable, the quality exceptional and the process simple.


There are four area's of Music we specialize in: Writing Jingles/Songs, Creative Collaboration about ideas you may need for a song, Recording demo tracks and granting Mechanical licenses for songs we've written and own the copyrights to. Take a listen to the Meysen clips in the Animation section or the songs in the miscellaneous section for examples.

Script development has many facets and can drive you crazy! You need to get all the important information into the script but end up with only a few seconds to say it. Our ability to get to the point of what you need AND do it creatively will take all the pressure off of you.


Since we know both sides, VO and scripting, we will give your content all the love it needs in the perfect time frame.

COMEDY Comedy takes time, inspiration, collaboration and knowing the process through which ‘funny’ is arrived at. I am that unique individual with the ability to draw the creative flow out of individuals who know your product and audience best. Those individuals are You and your Team! Together we will watch the light come on and fresh idea’s grow!

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